Happy Healthy Dogs

We're a dog adventure company.
... we walk and sit too

We know that you love your pet and you want the very best for them while you travel, work, and play. We would love to get to know both you and your pet and come up with a specific service plan that best fits your schedule and their needs. We are in the business of inspiring happiness and a stress free lifestyle for pets and their owners!

About us

We are Alyson and Kiersten, friends and owners of Brown Dog Walking Company. 

We have experience working with all temperaments and sizes of dogs- from rescue and foster work, to basic training skills and socialization- and we know that each dog has their own specific set of neets to thrive.

We treat this as a family business, and we recognize that this is very personal- we are coming into your homes and taking care of your fur kids, of course it is! 

We want to meet your dog's specific needs from short strolls to daily adventures, and can custom tailor the perfect schedule to keep them happy and healthy. 

Your dog will love our pack!

-Alyson & Kiersten


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