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Is Our Pond Safe?


We have our pond tested and maintained by a professional pond company, Solitude Lake Management. They make sure that our water is safe for dogs to swim in.

They test for bacteria and fungi and make sure our parameters are optimal!

We are happy to send you the testing results if you're ever curious, just shoot us an email!

Latest Testing Results



Solitude Lake Management:

Test                    Desired Range                Result         This lake is
pH                              6.5 - 8.5                      4.3               Low
Phosphorus.          (ppb) < 30                      95                High
Orthophosphate   (ppb) < 30                    < 5                Healthy
Nitrogen,               (ppb) < 1,200               840                Healthy
Nitrogen,               (ppm) < 1,200              810                Healthy
Nitrate                   (ppb) < 1,200                30                 Healthy
Nitrite                     (ppb) < 1,200              < 20              Healthy
Conductivity (uS/cm)       < 1,200                46               Healthy
Alkalinity,                (ppm) > 80                 < 10               Low
Turbidity (NTU)                  < 5                  10.7                High
Chlorophyll a          (ppb) < 40                   14                 Healthy
Hardness                 (ppm) > 80               < 10                Low

*They are treating for the parameters out of range but this does not mean the water is unsafe. They have deemed the water safe for swimming for humans and dogs


ECS Southeast, Environmental Testing:

Laboratory data reports indicated that the two types of fungi analyzed for, Pythium sp. and Lagenidium
sp. type fungi, were not detected in the water sample collected from the existing pond. 

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