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Dog Running in Water

Charleston's Only

Dog Adventure Company

Do you wish you had more for your dog's energy then just walks? We have the answer!

Our adventures cover two to three hours of fun with a social pack of other adventure seeking pups. From trail hikes to beach mornings, we promise to get that excess energy out and show your pup a great time!
Email or call us for more info on joining our pack!

Hiking Trails


We take your pup along with friends to an area trail and get back to nature. We provide lots of cool water and fun times as we explore exciting new trails and thus new and exciting smells. 

Pick up and drop off is included in price.

Your pup is sure to come home tired!

Beach mornings might be our favorite mornings!!!

We pick up your pup and their friends and head to Sullivan's Beach or Isle of Palms for some sun and surf. Your pup gets to play, chase birds, and swim with friends. We end the day with a bath to get the salt and sand off and return a tired and clean dog!

2.5-3 hour trip.

Includes pick up, drop off, and bath. 

Beach Mornings


Petite Pack Play

We love our puppies and small dogs and want to make sure they get in on the fun while being safe! Our "Petite Pack Play" is especially for small dogs or dogs that need gentle play time. We do have a couple gentle giants that love to be around the little dogs. 

We make sure that all dogs in the pack are safely socialized before letting anyone join.

This is a great way for puppies to socialize (they must be fully vaccinated) and be around other dogs that will play safely.


Big Dog Pack Play


There's nothing quite like a play date with lots of friends to help socialize your dog!

We make sure that all dogs in the pack are safely socialized before letting anyone join. Our existing pack has been a tight knit group for a while now but they extend an invitation to play to anyone! 

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