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Charleston's Only
Dog Adventure Camp

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Is your furry buddy bouncing off the walls and you're running out ideas to get out that energy? 
Look no further, we've got the answer
to your pup's social and physical needs!

Are you ready to unleash your furry friend's wild side? Check out our adventure camp! Your pup will be part of a pack of thrill-seeking doggos, sharing barkies and zoomies in the great outdoors. We guarantee a day full of sunshine, pond frolicking, and pure joy that will leave your pup blissfully exhausted and feeling like a million bones. We even throw in a home pick-up, drop-off, and a refreshing bath to cap off the adventure!

**This is strictly a day camp, no overnight stays.**

You are able to book a single visit or buy a package!
Check out our Packages below.

swimming and splashing

Our 1/8 acre pond is big enough for the dogs to have fun and stay cool. We make sure to treat the water with all natural organic beneficial bacterias to keep the ecosystem and pups safe, and we regularly test the water to ensure this. There is always a lifeguard on duty watching every dog and shallow spots for our smaller swimmers. There are no other "friends" such as other livestock or gators lurking around. Only dogs allowed :)


0pen play fields

Our camp is divided into two multi-acre play fields. The whole 8 acre property is reinforced livestock fenced in for safety, and our play fields are acres of grassy fields for dogs to romp with their friends. There are shade trees and shade canopies all around.

We have "chill out" areas with puppy pools and a splash pad.

Camp Brown Dog Packages

When you sign up for packages we want to say thank you in the coolest way possible - with a discount!

Your furry pal won't be left behind on any adventure!

It's like having a membership at the hippest pup club in town. Simply pick the package that suits your schedule and boom! It'll be auto-billed every month. Then you get to choose which days your pup joins the fun! Want to sign up for all the days? Go for it! Need to switch things up? No sweat!

Our client portal makes it easy to track and plan the perfect doggy schedule.

And here's the best part: unlike other memberships, you can switch, swap, or cancel your package whenever you need to. We've got your back and your pup's paws!


Happy Camper

5 camp days per month

Save 10%! ($54 per visit)

$270 per month 


Trail Blazer

10 camp days per month

Save 15%! ($51 per visit)

Free Camp Bandana


$510 per month


Ultimate Outsider

Unlimited Camp Days each month

Save 20%! (~$47 per visit)

Free Camp bandana

$1050 per month

 *Packages are auto-charged on the 1st of the month. If you would like to change or cancel your package, you must give a 5 day notice. 

does your dog crave adventure but need alone time?

Book our spot on SniffSpot!

Be on your own schedule, and enjoy our pawsome camp on your own with your pooch. 

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