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It was us... We let the dogs out

We at Brown Dog are very lucky to have an amazing team of pet professionals! With years of combined experience, we work together to provide the highest pet care standards for your pets. We uphold our company values of being Committed, Passionate, Consistent, Reliable, and Adaptable.

Our Company Values

Committed: Showing dedication to our team, clients, and their pets to make their lives easier and happier. We want to enrich lives and secure trust and loyalty.


Passionate: Always striving to provide the very best care through education, experience, and evolving our practices to keep up with changes in our community and in the pet industry. Constantly learning more about how we could do better.


Consistent: Always providing quality service to our clients and holding each other accountable to our highest standards. We want to be predictably awesome with every booking.


Reliable: Always being there for our clients. Showing up rain or shine, and going above and beyond to make sure their pets are cared for correctly. If we can’t provide a solution to a request, we will do our best to find someone who can!


Adaptable: We are a team of pet professionals that will always do our best to work with our client's busy lifestyles and provide care in the case of changing schedules and emergencies.

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