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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?

We have been walking dogs professionally for over 11 years, but Brown Dog Walking Company was founded in 2018 with an idea to elevate pet care and provide more than a dog walk, but a personalized service plan for each pet. 

Is my sitter/walker background checked?

All of our team members go through a five step interview process, and we do run federal background checks on everyone before they provide any services. We make sure that our team consists of trustworthy, caring individuals that will go above and beyond for your pet! 

Will I always have the same sitter/walker?

We work as a team at Brown Dog Walking Company to provide your pet the absolute best care. We prefer to keep the same team member assigned to your pet and do our best to do so, but as availability changes, our other team members will fill in. All of our team members have the same training and protocols. 

If you would like to meet any team member in addition to your original meet and greet prior to service, you can set up an unlimited amount of meet and greets with our team members at $10/meeting. 

We promise your pup will be in good hands. 

What if my pet becomes ill while I'm away?

If your pet becomes ill or injured in our care, we’ll assess your pet’s condition, contact you, and work with you (or your emergency contacts) to create an action plan. If you are unavailable, we’ll follow the instructions in your client portal regarding veterinary care protocols. We will always contact your preferred vet(s) first. If they are unavailable, we’ll default to the veterinarians or the emergency care facilities we have strong relationships with. Additionally, we ensure Pet First Aid certified pet sitters are available all hours and all days to support a pet sitter who may encounter an incident. If you have a specific situation you’d like to discuss, please reach out so we can learn how to best support you.

What is included in an overnight stay?

Our team member will be at your house for 12 hours (approximately 7pm to 7am). They will feed dinner and breakfast, let your dog out and walk them as needed along with a fun sleepover and lots of cuddles to keep your pet feeling safe overnight.

When owners are travelling we like to set up a service plan that is specific for your pet's needs. Together with you we will add on mid day walks, adventures, or backyard let outs to make sure your pup enjopys their staycation!

My sitter did an awesome job! Can I leave a tip?

Absolutely! We love to provide great service and know that our team appreciates any thanks given. You may add gratuities to your invoice when paying and all tips added onto an invoice will go directly to your sitter(s). You may also leave cash tip at a service visit. 

Does my puppy have to be fully vaccinated to begin services?

Nope! Our puppy services are scheduled one-household at a time, we can care for puppies who haven’t had all their shots yet —no problem. Our sitters are sure to wash up before and after visits, so we can visit your pets safely between households. Our only limitation: we will need to skip the dog park and other group outings for now. Don’t fret, those services can be added on once vaccinations are up to date

Are you licensed and insured?

Indeed we are, our business license is through the City of Charleston, and our insurance is through PetCare Insurance. 

Do you do meet and greets?

Always! We require a meet and greet with you and your pet before any services. We want to get to know your pets' needs and come into our first service fully prepared. Our meet and greets are $10 and last 20-30 minutes. This amount goes towards your first service booked with us. 

Do you have emergency protocols in place?

Absolutely. Having been in the pet industry for many years, we have seen just about everything from hurricanes to a pandemic. We have plans in place for every situation and have built relationships with local veterinarians and other local business to ensure your pets safety, health, and happiness. 

My dog is special needs, can you help us?

We are more than willing to meet you and your pet, and evaluate the needs of your pet. If we are able to, we are happy to help you out. We are comfortable with a variety of needs from training needs, to medical issues. If we don't know how to properly care for your pet, we are happy to suggest someone who is! 

How do we schedule and pay?

All of our scheduling is done by you through our software. Upon contacting us we will set you up with a Client Portal and our scheduling app so you can schedule all your needs on your own time. This way you can view what you have booked and make change requests as needed. You will receive a monthly invoice through the software where you can pay through directly. We accept major credit cards, debit cards, and ACH bank transfers. 

Where is Camp Brown Dog?

Our 8 acre camp is in Hollywood, SC. Just about 30 mins from the tip of the downtown peninsula. We make sure pickups are arranged so dogs aren't in the car for too long, and get lots of playtime! You can also visit on your own by booking through Sniffspot!

I had a meeting come up last minute, can I schedule same day services?

While we can’t guarantee it ALL the time, there is a very good chance we can schedule a same-day dog walking or pet sitting service. As soon as you know, just let us know and we’ll get to work scheduling it. We have a record of adding same-day pet care services about 90% of the time. (P.S. our dog walkers and pet sitters are rockstars!) Note: we add a $5 urgent fee to same-day bookings to compensate our sitters for the last-minute logistical change.

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